This describes the resources that make up the official Piccolino.IO API v1. If you have any problems or requests please contact support.

The direct-connect Piccolino Gateway (pgw) is a machine-to-machine service accessible from within the Piccolino micro-controller via WIFI. Updates to the WIFI library is (and always will be) available on GitHub.

If you’re already register and have obtained your private access key, then you can start using the available services by pointing your Piccolino to http://pgw.io with the correct access key and request string.

Accessing the API

The API host uses a simple 1 line GET request from the client device and returns its answer in a formatted manner as appropriate. Each request may have a different data-format return syntax, please review each command/request and its corresponding return string.


There are three key parameters needed and an optional parameter.

k=  Access Key
u= User email (used on during the Kickstarter)
f= Feed ID
o= Optional parameter data

Example: http://pgw.io/?k=<your private key>&u=<your email>&f=<feed id (from your workbench screen)>&o=<optional parameter data>

Typical data-flow:

1) Piccolino initiates a weather report request for Houston using the Intercontinental Airport METAR station:

  • http://pgw.io/k=39388291&u=jdoe@yahoo.com&f=3&o=

2) The gateway returns encoded data as:

  • CCFEW020TM05530607TT082DP076RH82PR30.05WIS 005VI009000CE250WE:NS,

In addition to the primary record, some feeds (like the weather feed) will return additional future forecasts as:

  • SFTM06000607TM15000607FEW021WIS 007VI006010CE250WE:NS,
  • SFTM15000607TM17000607SCT030WIS 015VI006010WE:NS,

The primary CC record would translate as:

Conditions at:  (Your saved feed station)
Conditions Time:  05:53 UTC 06 July 2015
Temperature:  82°F
Dewpoint:  76°F [RH = 82%]
Pressure (altimeter):  30.05 inches Hg
Winds:  from the South at 5 MPH
Visibility:  9 or more miles
Ceiling:  at least 25,000 feet AGL
Clouds:  few clouds at 2000 feet AGL
Weather:  no significant weather observed at this time


Information and translation tables are given within each service. Some services can provide data in multiple formats based on the optional parameter o= within the request string.

Obtaining a private key

If you are a Kickstarter backer, then you already have the key. It is your unique backer id. The key is validated with the email address which you used when you registered here via your userid. Make sure that you use the same email on this gateway as you used on kickstarter. Should your email have changed, you will need to contact us and request a custom profile setup in order to synchronize your backer id and your new email.

If you are not a Kickstarter backer, you can purchase an access key with a monthly or annual subscription. Please refer to the GET A KEY menu option.

System availability

The Piccolino Gateway relies heavily on third parties service providers. There may be times where the original service providers are unable to provide a reliable data feed to us. If you encounter issues or down-time while accessing pgw.io, you may have to wait until the issue is resolved at origin.  In most cases down-times lasts only a few minutes and usually are out of our control. For this reason, we cannot guarantee as of the reliability for any particular data feed.

Currently available services